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Title Deeds

Title deeds are a set of official comprehensive documents that indicate who owns the property or land and also confirm any obligation, any rights or mortgages that that affect the property. Title deeds also give information on property boundaries and rights of way through a property. They will vary in format depending on whether the property is unregistered or registered. When selling your property your Conveyancer will need sight of the title deeds and therefore it is important to obtain them at an early stage so as to not delay the property transaction.

If there is no mortgage held on the property then the owner of the property will have the responsibility of keeping the title deeds at home, or will appoint a Solicitor to hold them until required for either a sale or a re-mortgage.

If there is a mortgage on the property the bank or building society may hold the title deeds and it is the responsibility of the owner to provide the Conveyancer with full details confirming the name and address of the mortgage lender and the mortgage account number so that the title deeds can be requested in readiness for draft contract to be issued to the buyers Solicitor. A number of mortgage lenders do charge an administration fee for this service however this can usually be added onto the mortgage.

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